We were delighted to receive funding from the Scottish Government for our new island Ebike Project in early 2021!
The Development Trust will soon have a fleet of 16 ebikes, including ecargo bikes, trailers and accessories. This a wonderful opportunity for islanders to trial the ecargo bikes for shopping trips to Oban and travelling with young children. The ebikes will help islanders stay active and enjoy the outdoors.
There is a separate ebike scheme for visitors to the island, which will enable them to experience the fun of an electric bike while enjoying some of Kerrera’s fantastic scenery.

Please click here to book yourself an ebike.

This project marks a new beginning for Kerrera as the island is taking these steps to embrace active travel in the same year that a new connecting road becomes a reality.

“This funding for our new eBike Schemes Project comes at a really important time in the history of our wee island. Islanders are delighted with the timing of the project, which compliments plans for a new road to connect the north and south of the island. The ebikes will be a great, climate-friendly and healthy way for islanders to access the lifeline ferry and travel into Oban."

Huge thanks to the Islands Green Recovery Programme, the Energy Saving Trust and CoMoUk for their support with our Ebike Project. 

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