The community on Kerrera have been trying for over 30 years to connect the north end of Kerrera to the south. Identified as a key priority and becoming evermore necessary to enable the north end residents (almost half of our island population) to the lifeline ferry service, we are thoroughly delighted to see the north end road project begin construction! 

On Tuesday 3rd August 2021, Stage 1 began and this will see the contruction of 1.75km of forestry grade track, connecting the community in north Kerrera to the centre of the island. This is being funded by the Scottish Government Islands Programme, which supports delivery of the National Islands Plan. The work is being carried out by A & L McRae for the IKDT and is expected to take 2-3 months to complete.

The IKDT are pleased that we have been able to work in partnership with both local and national government to deliver this project that will be vital to the sustainability of life on the island. Delivery of a connecting track is essential in addressing some of the fragility of the island community, and encouraging further sustainable development on the island. The project will align with wider island ambitions such as the creation of a new community hub at the Old School.

Kerrera is in essence two communities without a connecting road. This project has been on the table for decades however finally things are moving forward positively. In 2016 IKDT successfully implemented a meaningful start thanks to George Lesley PLC who were working on the new slipway and breakwater. We successfully petitioned the council to work on the key design work that will allow us to get quotes for the road. We hope to continue to work in partnership with the council to find an ongoing solution to our road issues.

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